The best Vodka soda cocktail

The Skinny Strawberry Spritz Vodka and Soda Cocktail Recipe by Heretic Spirits

Most people have tried a classic vodka soda, but we’d suggest that the next time you’re considering this cocktail you test out the Heretic Spirits version – The Skinny Strawberry Spritz.  Sure, you can go to the liquor store and buy some canned vodka sodas, but why spend all that money on artificial flavours and bottom shelf vodka? With that in mind, we created The Skinny Strawberry Spritz – our alternative to the wide variety of boring vodka sodas on the market. Packed with only natural flavours and sugars, it gives you an exceptionally smooth and original taste.

How to Make the Best Vodka and Soda Cocktail

(The Skinny Strawberry)

Vodka and Soda Ingredients

  • 2 oz Heretic Vodka
  • 0.5 lemon juice
  • Sliced kiwi
  • Sliced strawberries
  • Soda topper

Vodka and Soda Prep Time

  • Total: 3 mins
  • Prep: 3 mins
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Yield: 1 cocktail (1 serving)

Vodka and Soda Glassware

  • Highball / Collins
How to make vodka soda
Fill an empty cocktail shaker with thinly sliced strawberry and kiwi. Add lemon juice and vodka.
How to make vodka soda
Muddle all ingredients thoroughly, crushing fruit until pulped.
How to make vodka soda
Add ice and shake for a minimum of 10 seconds.
How to make vodka soda
Strain contents over ice.
How to make vodka soda
Top with soda water. Serve and enjoy!

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Audio Recipe for a Vodka Soda Cocktail – The Skinny Strawberry

The History of the Vodka and Soda

The reason behind the vodka soda’s recent popularity may be the fact that everything about it is inherently light. We can appreciate that. Some people aren’t crazy about flavour when it comes to their cocktail experience and, in the right circumstance that could be appealing. A bland vodka topped with a flavourless soda is… somewhat drinkable.

We at Heretic don’t want to overstep and tell you how or what you should drink. Everybody’s different and everybody has their own preferences. However, we didn’t set out to make ‘passable’ drinks; we set out to make exceptional ones. A cocktail should be made with the finest of ingredients and the highest level of care. Above all else, it should taste good. Period.

At the end of a long workday or a weekend spent with some of the crazier members of your family, having that first sip of a Heretic cocktail feels like coming home. It feels like loosening your tie after a busy day at the office or finally getting to kick off your boots after a hike up the mountain. For whatever it is that you do, you deserve more than having to settle for an underwhelming mixed drink. That is why we created The Skinny Strawberry Spritz

Loaded with flavour from freshly muddled strawberries and kiwi, The Skinny Strawberry Spritz gives you the most crisp and original taste you’ve ever gotten from a vodka soda. It is an unbelievably refreshing cocktail that blends all-natural flavours with the superior taste of our vodka. Mixed together and presented with a charming aesthetic, we offer you the perfect drink for the patio.

While you’re outside, we suggest pairing this cocktail with a mixed cheese board and encourage you to include as many different cheeses as you like. The combination of our award-winning vodka, mixed with the effervescence of the soda water, will allow you to cleanse your palate with each sip so you can enjoy each bite independently. Gouda, Stilton, Gruyere, Brie. Seriously, go crazy.