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The best Vodka sour cocktail

Sour Hour – Vodka Sour Cocktail Recipe by Heretic Spirits

Heretic Spirits version of the Vodka sour cocktail recipe – The Sour Hour. What better way to pay homage to the Blue Mountain area than with a cocktail made with ingredients from right here in our own backyard? Our premium vodka gives this drink a beautiful, silky smooth base, but the combination of local apple cider, fresh lemon juice, and angostura bitters adds character and turns this cocktail into a true star. With a sophisticated and pristine silhouette, the Sour Hour is sure to turn heads at your next dinner party.

How to Make The Best Vodka Sour

(The Sour Hour)

Vodka Sour Cocktail Ingredients

  • 2 oz Heretic Vodka
  • 1 oz apple cider
  • 0.5 oz lemon juice
  • 1 egg white
  • 2 dashes Angostura Bitters
  • Apple slice

Vodka Sour Cocktail Prep Time

  • Total: 3 mins
  • Prep: 3 mins
  • Cook: 0 mins
  • Yield: 1 cocktail (1 serving)

Vodka Sour Cocktail Glassware

  • Martini
How to make vodka sour
Fill a clean martini glass with ice and soda water. Once glass is frosted, empty ice and soda.
How to make vodka sour
Add bitters and swirl to coat inside of glass with a thin layer.
How to make vodka sour
Add vodka, sour mix, and egg white to a clean cocktail shaker. Dry shake (without ice) for 10 seconds.
How to make vodka sour
Add ice and shake vigorously for a minimum of 15 seconds.
How to make vodka sour
Strain contents slowly. Garnish. Serve and enjoy!

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Audio Recipe for a Vodka Sour Cocktail – The Sour Hour

The History of the Vodka Sour Cocktail

The year 2020 was unprecedented, unpredictable, and downright unusual to say the absolute least. It started out like any year, with hope and promise that the future would be better and brighter than the past. Then, almost immediately, things went way off the rails. We won’t bore you with the details (you were there, after all). Instead, we thought we should take this time to try to remind you that although things are messy and complicated right now, we’re hopeful for clear skies on the horizon.

To quote Tom Cruise’s cinematic masterpiece, Cocktail, “Most things in life – good and bad – just kind of happen to you.” That’s life. So sure, 2020 gave us more than our share of bad things, but there’s not much we can do about it. At the end of the day, we still love and are loved. The sun will rise in the morning and the sunset will still be beautiful. We have friends, we have family, and now we have an abundance of bad memories from 2020 that’ll help us appreciate all the good times down the road. With that being said, we could really use a drink.

So, we made one.

Something strong and sour to help ease all the stress and ridiculousness that the ‘20s started off with – the Sour Hour. It’s a surprisingly subtle blend of vodka, citrus, and cider that will excite your tastebuds and quench your thirst. To help take out your frustrations from the year that was, we give you two opportunities to shake the absolute hell out of this drink. First, a dry shake to emulsify the egg white, and then over ice to ensure it is perfectly chilled. The Sour Hour is bold, bright, and delicious, with enough flavour to make you optimistic for the future … and enough vodka to help you forget 2020.